Takeoff with Microsoft Office 365

Takeoff with Microsoft Office 365

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Benefits of migrating your business to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud hosted solution of applications and services, offered to companies of all sizes. In the past, your standard applications, that you would manually install on your laptop, like Outlook, Word, and Excel were run and managed by your local enterprises, but with Office 365 all of these tools plus more are available in a cloud hosted solution. Simply sign-up for the service and pay a monthly fee that all depends on the number of users you have.

here are some benefits of migrating your business operations to the cold with Microsoft Office 365:

Cloud-Based Solutions

Office 365 is entirely cloud base, so migrating to the platform will hugely benefit your business operations and will reduce the overall costs of IT.  you In-house IT manager no longer need to devote time and resources to managing local email servers or ensuring access to mapped drives or correct. Instead, employees can connect to Office 365 hosted emails and OneDrive of file storage and on top of that, they have access to all the apps they rely on such Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Microsoft is responsible for ensuring uptime of its Office 365 platform and providing support to enterprise customers. This helps take the burden of your own IT personnel.

Flexible Scaling

With Office 365, a company’s cloud usage and subscription status can be scaled to align with the growth of its business. No additional servers or networking equipment need to be purchased when new teams and employees are brought on board. Rather, IT managers simply need to adjust their Office 365 subscription plan by adding additional users, mailboxes and increasing their cloud file storage space to account for all end users and the services they require.

New Tools and Apps

With Office 365 you get more tools and apps to keep your business productivity. For instance, the OneDrive tool allows for fast and simple file sharing between users in a company. Files can be moved right from a local computer and accessed anywhere through the OneDrive desktop app, mobile app or the OneDrive web interface.

The Office 365 suite also includes Microsoft Teams, which allows companies and teams to communicate in real-time over instant messaging or video conferencing. Microsoft Teams is available as desktop apps, mobile apps, or within the Outlook.com web interface.

Support for More Devices

Office 365 is fully supported on all modern systems, employees can now connect using their own personal devices without any setup efforts. Work from home or work from the local coffee shop, Office 365 will work on Windows computers, Mac computers, iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Secure and Reliable Data

Some companies may be hesitant to switch to Office 365 as it means moving the location of their data away from their own facilities. However, Office 365 features data protection and backup services that will give you and IT managers peace of mind.

All cloud data is backed up on a regular basis and replicated globally so that outages will not affect end users or risk data loss, giving you the peace of mind of complete business continuity. IT managers can control all security settings of their Office 365 apps, which means that data remains private to only the people designated to work with it.

Want to find out how Microsoft Office can benefit you and your business?

there is a long list of benefits to discuss about, you can contact me here to discuss in further details.

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