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Christo Van Dyke - The Tech Dude

Christo Van Dyke

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So here’s the story

So what corporate has taught me, is that generally on this section of a website is where you will tell a story about how great the company is and list all the company visions and goals and generally people make a good job of it. well, not so much here… I do things differently and I generally stick to my guns, generally being the key word here.

Let me continue by welcoming you to The Tech Dude and thank you for taking the time to read through this section, I am sure you will not learn much from this but I thought, “why the hell not…”

The Tech Dude is company of one, yes, one! Just me and well, that’s all you will really need. You may argue that fact but who is really going to listen to you? I have over 10 years experience working as an IT Professional and probably another 10 years experience in breaking computers (the good old youthful days). I have provided IT support services to many companies over the past 10 years and gained a wide range of skills and knowledge. I have decided that now, yes, now a is good time, right in the middle of a global pandemic, to continue my good work of providing IT support services to home users and small businesses. No need to phone up those big retailers (you know who i am talking about) and have to take out a second bond to pay high prices for their IT support services.

My services are aimed at providing IT support to you people at home that have continued IT issues and half the time you want to pull out your hair because, “my F@#%ing computer is not working, AGAIN!”. I offer reasonable prices for standard services and will definitely save your last few strands of hair you have left in the process. I also provide IT support for small businesses, moving them from the dark ages and bringing them into the modern age of computers and technology along with Service Level Agreements that are affordable and are packed with value added services. You may be asking, what about corporate? Well, no, married life and kids has already given me enough grey hair, so, no to corporate.

If you have gotten this far, then I thank you for reading my story and I hope to have sparked an interest in you, because lets be honest, I need the business as much as you need good IT support.

IT Support Services for home users and small business

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Find out more about IT Support Services for Small Business

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